Luvit Creation: It will be worth it when you Luvit

The act of creation is replete with countless hardships. The evolution from intangible to tangible is often challenged by series of ambiguities. Creating a project is very much alike. When is the right time to good start? How to touch your floating ideas? What is the right decision, profit-wise?

Luvit Creation (Luvit) has been launched by People In Biz Corp. as a professional ODM/OEM (private label) service provider, leveraging those who are concerning about their projects in the beauty industry. Since 2004, the mindful beauty curator Luvit Creation is here to walk along with you on the journey of both initiating and actualizing great ideas.

Inspired by a well-known Greek mythological figure, Pygmalion, Luvit creates private label products that deserved to be loved. Having extensive experience of creating unique beauty products as a professional companion, Luvit – who wishes to be your muse – is best ready to carve ideas into actual ones and bring them to life together. Luvit will allow you to fall in love with the beauty products that you have dreamed of.

Your dream is also ours too. We are mindful beauty curators and our devotion is here to love and breathe into great ideas the breath of life. Above all the monetary-oriented values, we truly believe that the ontological value of ‘beauty’ must contain mindfulness. We are here to be fully present, aware of experience and thoughts while we are on the journey of creating and curating beauty. Based on that belief, actualizing boundless inspiration comes to be great when we really love it with mindfulness. It will be worth it when you love it. Are you ready to Luvit?



“By creating innovative and beneficial beauty products, we wish to bring joy and happiness
to the consumers.Beyond such values, we also care about morals and ethics of humanity.”


Embracing humanity’s ethical and social responsibilities, Designing clean, safe and trendy, yet effective and timeless creations, Create Harmonious Beauty With You.

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