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The microneedles are mainly formed with sodium hyaluronate and infused with naturally beneficial ingredients such as Madecassoside, Niacinamide, Peptide, Vitamin C, etc. These microneedles pass through the stratum corneum and reach deep inside of the skin and self-dissolve directly inside the skin – in that way, the microneedles effectively deliver active ingredients for moisturizing, brightening, firming, and elasticity against wrinkles that helps anti-aging & rejuvenating.

+ Microneedle patches private label can have various shapes and functions as acne patch, eye patch, lip patch, forehead patch, wrinkle patch, etc. more information →

A lady applying microneedle patches on the face
Curved microneedle patch shape and flattened microneedle patch
2 pairs of basic microneedle patch shapes with different alignment of microneedle
curved droplet shaped microneedle patch and bandage-like shaped Microneedle patch
Microneedle patch for the area between eyes and 2 dot type microneedle patches
Square shaped microneedle patch and customized microneedle patch shape
Microneedle patches with customized shape
Active ingredients:
Adenosine, Retinal, EGF, Peptide,Collagen,
VitaminC, Madecassoside etc
Infographic of microneedle structure
Adhesive film(hydrocolloid)

Dissolving bio-compatible ingredients base materials
(Trehalos, Hyalurinc acid, Na-CMC)

3 layer names of microneedle patch: Stratum Corneum, Epidermis, Dermis
Infographic for microneedle patches' deep penetration
Deep Penetration
infographic showing biodegradation of a microneedle patch
Infographic describing absorption of microneedle patches
Icon of deep penetration
Infographic for high concentration of active incredients
High Concentration Of
Active Ingredients
infographic of effective delivery
infographic of "no pain and damage|
No Pain,
No Damage
infographic of self treatment at home
Self Treatment
At Home